Bits and Pieces: Για τους φίλους του BlackAdder


Ξεκίνησε σαν απάντηση σε σχόλιο σε άλλη δημοσίευση, αλλά σκέφτηκα να του αφιερώσω το χώρο που του αξίζει, για τους φίλους του Rowan Atkinson και του BlackAdder:

Sir, I've got a plan so cunning you can put a spec sheet on it and call it software!

- C'mon, Baldrick, what is it this time?

- We can meet our deadlines by outsourcing EVERYTHING to another company!

- And how are we supposed to do that, Baldrick? We have already outsourced all of our projects.

- Well, Sir, we can outsource our projects AND our CLIENTS. This way, a client will be no longer THIS client but THAT client. So THAT client will not be our CLIENT but our EMPLOYEE, since WE outsource to them. Then, since our client is OUR employee, we can pressure them harder to finish work or even outsource the project to THEM.

- Clever, Baldrick. Thank you. And what happens when the project finishes? WE pay the CLIENT which is now our EMPLOYEE?

- I'm afraid I haven't figured that out yet, Sir. But we've got a lot of turnips if that proves necessary.

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